This year I am launching my at home health and fitness sessions.
At home workouts designed for the people who don’t wish to join a gym.
Workouts you can do at home using simple techniques that will help you get fit, loose a few festive pounds, improve your posture and well being.

Each workout offers modifications or options to increase the intensity.

These workouts have been tried by my friends and PT clients and they all felt wonderful afterwards, I used a wide variety of fitness levels, people with health related issues and injuries. Everyone could do them and found they improved all over well being.

The reason behind me wanting to do this program is too encourage people who are not sure on their fitness level or bit shy and not wanting to join a gym.

Each workout is designed carefully to be balanced so you use your body weight mostly. You chose the level and work as hard as you wish.

If your are interested or know somebody who I could help please send me a private message to get started.

The cost:
£10 for 5 workouts. These will be your workouts for the month which you can mix up as you see fit.

I will not pressure you into paying every month but I will do new workouts monthly which you can pay for as you go.

Hope this all makes sense….. Happy Healthy New Year everyone


To purchase your workouts please click on my shop and you will see GETPREP’D the workout….