Helen & Nikkie’s Online Community

Welcome to our online community, and that is exactly what it is!

We are here to support each other and help you if we can and each other!


In our private Facebook VIP group we offer a variety of classes that can be suitable for all levels.

Examples of our weekly timetables are available to view in the gallery section.


Here is a list of the weekly classes you can get stuck in too…

Fitness Yoga –

A yoga stretch and strength workout taught from a fitness point of vue.

This allows the clients to understand the body parts and how they work in this slow controlled way of movement.


Boxing Blast-

A cardio combat style boxing workout that packs a punch! Learn techniques and get your heart rate pumping!


Barre ballet Fitness-

A ballet style conditioning workout designed to improved strength and stability all around the core and hips.

A great lower body strengthener and posture focus class.


HiiT / Tabata/ Accumulator-

High intensity interval; training designed to get the most out of your body in short bursts of time.

Even though it says HIGH intensity its really up to the client how hard they go.



This is a slow controlled very low impact core related class which shows you how to strengthen all your body and how to breath correctly when exercising.


Contemporary Flow-

A contemporary style dance class with continual movement. This class allows you to feel free and unrestricted. Let your body feel free and dance from the heart.


Cardio dance-

A fun energetic aerobic style workout that is full of fun dance style aerobic moves and gets you partying!


Abs Blast –

Does what it says on the tin!!

short workout focusing on abdominal’s shows you how to train that area effectively in short space of time!


Yoga intervals-

Yoga workout using repetitive movement getting the most out of all postures and learning more about performing them correctly for your body.


House dance-

Love dance? Love house beats? This is for you! learn some fun funky footwork and grooves with this energised funky dance workout!


This is just a taster of what we offer on a weekly basis…. there is soooo much more!

TO book on please follow this link:

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