Finding the time to sit and take a break to eat right, re hydrate and plan exercise sessions sometimes take a back seat when you have such a busy day.

This plan is designed to help you GETPREP’D for a healthier you Monday – Friday. My aim is to help you stay healthy during your busy working week.




It’s not complicated, you pick what you eat and portion size. Yes, it works, yes I’ve tried it, my clients do it and all leading fitness experts will agree with me. If you don’t believe me do your own research!

To achieve a healthier, you the key is to GETPREP’D. My plan is based around a Monday – Friday work schedule, Saturday and Sunday are our days to prepare. Sundays are great days to go for our weekly shop and GETPREP’D for the week ahead.

Fitting the gym, classes, and workouts is sometimes difficult. As a bonus I have planned a 20min workout! No rest 20mins of a body weight training. This is a basic workout that you can go as easy or as hard as you wish! Of course before you take part in exercise we should talk first about injuries and well being.

This is for real everyday busy people who need help in preparing a healthier lifestyle.

Once you give this a full week hopefully you will start to understand how to keep your working week healthy without being caught short and grabbing just anything to keep us going.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH this is not a diet/ detox. It is a simple plan that gives you the freedom and information to keep your week healthy.


“by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”       Benjamin Franklin


To try and make this work as easy as possible for you, I researched all foods that keep us full, alert, productive, healthy skin & regular healthy digestion……. and this is how you GETPREP’D…

If you think this plan would help you ‘prepare for a healthier you’ then this is what you will get:


part 1 – The shopping list

All broken down into food categories.

Protein, vegetables, Carbs, drinks, snacks, seasoning. The timetable (part 2) tells you to choose from each section and to consume for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack ect.

part 2- The food timetable

Just like a student in school, we have a timetable for our breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and workout.

I have also included an example of how the timetable will work, you can totally choose what you want to eat as long as it is planned from the shopping list.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said?!?!

Also a blank food timetable for you to print off and fill in to plan your week ahead.

Part 3 – The workouts

The 20min workout is achievable for most of us. Before work, lunchtime, after work there is 20mins in all of us! Stay positive – we can do this.


As they say in the cartoons…. That’s all folks!

Are you ready to GETPREP’D?????